Frequently Asked Questions


Does DirectShifts provide malpractice insurance?
We provide best in class malpractice insurance with full tail coverage. When it comes to malpractice insurance, we take it very seriously and we made sure you have a peace of mind!
Does DirectShifts reimburse travel expenses
We reimburse all travel expenses (flight/hotel/stay) through us. A personal concierge to book and manage your travel as well. Reach out to us to learn about our special offers for travel too
Did you say DirectShifts helps us file our taxes? 
We do! Being an 1099 employee can complicate taxes. We have done it before and understand the frustrations. Thats why we take care of all your tax filings for you.
Does DirectShifts aid in CME Training?
We provide $1,500 for you to participate in CME training if you work more than 7 shifts through us. You can use this for training at any location!
Does DirectShifts help with credentialing?
Yes! The entire credentialing process is managed online. You can store all your documents in one central location and apply for jobs using just a few clicks. No more faxing/mailing documents and such
What other benefits does DirectShifts provide?
Invite-only private events with experts for career planning, financial planners/advisors, attorneys for contract review, and companies that specialize in disability and life insurance.


Whats the team behind DirectShifts
DirectShifts was started by freelance physicians and entrepreneurs who understood the problems in the healthcare recruitment industry first hand.

DirectShifts is backed by stellar investors including the former CFO of Epic EMR and the founder of Caremark.
Are there any long term contracts to hire the clinician permanently?
No long term contracts especially if the match from locums to permanent placement is good. We strive to make such matches
Does DirectShifts provide Malpractice Insurance?
We take this very seriously and thats why we provide the best in class based malpractice insurance with full tail coverage.
Whats the cost of posting a job on DirectShifts?
It is completely free to post a job and source as many candidates as you want for any job posting. We only charge you after you hire a clinician through our site.

Our pricing is atleast 50% less expensive than staffing agencies.
Do we need to download any software to use DirectShits?
Nope! DirectShifts is all online and you can access it on the browser on your computer or on the phone. No dowloading/installing software
Are we allowed to negotiate directly with Clinicians?
Yes, you are free to set your own rates and negotiate directly with clinicians. We believe in complete transparency and will not get in the way of you or the clinician in terms of pricing -- its with the best interests of both parties.

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