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Post a job with a few clicks. Source, hire and manage applicants easily using our applicant tracking system
Find out exactly how much physicians get paid. You control how much you wish to pay based on demand, budgets etc.
Low cost
DirectShifts is 50% less expensive than staffing agencies & recruiters. Easily adds up to millions that you can save!
Keep track and access all documents of  applicants online. 
You can rate and review all of our clinicians incentivizing them to perform better while working for you 
24/7 support
24/7 premium customer support about any matter. We

Q&A for Employers

Who's the team behind DirectShifts?
DirectShifts was started by freelance physicians and entrepreneurs who understood the problems in the healthcare industry first hand.

DirectShifts is backed by stellar investors including the former CFO of Epic EMR and the founder of Caremark.
Convenient contract terms!
Easy exit terms if the match from locums to permanent placement is good. We strive to make such matches
Malpractice Insurance
We take this very seriously and have best in class malpractice insurance with tail coverage.
How much can I save using DirectShifts?
It is completely free to post a job and source as many candidates as you want for any job posting. We only charge you after you hire a clinician through our site. Our pricing is atleast 50% less expensive than staffing agencies
Do I need to download any software to use DirectShifts?
Nope! DirectShifts is all online and you can access it on the browser on your computer or on the phone
Are we free to negotiate with clinicians whatever compensation we deem appropriate?
Yes, you are free to set your own rates and negotiate directly with clinicians. We believe in complete transparency and will not get in the way of you or the clinician in terms of pricing -- its with the best interests of both parties.

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