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“We have had staffing agencies charge us a 120% margin. DirectShifts has been a breath of fresh air.”

- J.G, Chief Executive Officer, rural hospital (MO)

“Working with agencies means I have to wait for the contract to end before letting go poor quality providers or hiring good quality folks. DirectShifts’ flexibility helps us make the right decisions when we need to.”

- V.A., ED Chair, high-volume teaching hospital (NY)

“Expanding our virtual health practice to multiple states was a licensing challenge. DirectShifts was on top of credentialing from the start.”

- H.R., Chief Operating Officer, nationwide telemedicine company

“The value proposition of DirectShifts is Quality, Speed, Ease and definitely Cost.”

- S.S., Chief Medical Officer, county health system (CA)

“Before DirectShifts, we had very little information about who we were hiring, and clinicians had little to no incentive to perform.”

- J.C., Chair of Emergency Medicine, non-profit urban hospital (NY)

“We’ll use DirectShifts from now on."

- M.W., Head of Recruiting, Remote Patient Monitoring organization
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