Clinician Reviews of DirectShifts

We’ll go to any length to help our amazing clients. Health care employers of all sizes have great things to say about us, too.

Thousands of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals have had positive experiences on the DirectShifts platform.
Here’s what some of them had to say after finding work:

"I never understood the role of external recruiters. DirectShifts helped me connect to employers directly. Everything was handled online!"

S. Kardam, Hospitalist

“I found a job very quickly. I replied to a job match email and was speaking with my company the next week. Perfect!!”

A. Lyon, Medical Assistant

“Great service, the team was professional and it was free. After I signed up I could apply to a bunch of jobs with the same profile. There are many jobs on DirectShifts.”

R. Olivias, Nurse Practitioner

“Very easy experience. Multiple jobs and higher pay rates. Will use them again!”

S. Sarma, MD, Psychiatrist

“Dead easy to use and this is the way recruiting should be! No nonsense and I was able to find my next job using DirectShifts! Highly recommended and would use again.”

J. Smith, Internal Medicine

Since 2018, healthcare employers of all sizes have hired clinicians on @DirectShifts. There’s no better way to find a healthcare role (especially in 2020).

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