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How do you manage and cope with stress and burnout in the profession?

Posted Date:
Last answered:
November 3, 2023
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I try and set and maintain appropriate boundaries. When I am finished with work for the day, I focus on what I am doing, and who I am with.

Jaye DeCapua
Behavioral Health & Social Work

Sometimes, burnout arise due to increase anxiety and overwhelming stressors that were already pre-existing. Hence, making adequate attempts to keep my expenses down, reduce over spending and increase investments are ways that I use to cope with stress. When we honestly look at the issues that arise at work, we contemplate not taking the time off we need because 'we rather keep working and use up the accumulated time at once in the future'. Whereas, we could take a day off in between to REST/REBOUND/RECUPERATE. We should say no often, when we are called to work overtime, and when we do work the overtime, we should try to ensure that we do not encounter burnout by being proactive in our decision making skills. In a nut shell, my spirituality helps me to put things into clear perspectives and be able to balance work-family-knowledge acquisition-play time.


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