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We help you find the perfect job, be it locum-tenens, per-diem, moonlighting or full time in just a few clicks. Skip the stress, expense, and paperwork that used to define a job search and do it the easy way.

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Upload your resume and apply to multiple jobs with just one click. With complete transparency on the role, location, pay, and other details to help you make your choice.

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Submit all your documents and manage your credentialing online through DirectShifts.

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Begin working at the hospital and focus on treating patients. Get paid higher for your hard work and save money by avoiding expensive recruitment agencies.
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Create a free account and search for jobs by location, hospital, rating, and reviews. No more going in blind without access to the specifics of the job, pay, and hospital name.

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Apply to multiple jobs with a single click. Easy credentialing process is included in the application process. Manage your various applications smoothly using the online portal.

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Get hired and head straight to work. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from being paid what you’re worth.

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Cutting out expensive staffing agencies and recruiters means you can start working faster and make higher pay. Making things online means more convenience and transparency for you. We take care of the hassle so you can focus on what you do best: clinical work. Having faced this problem ourselves as clinicians, we understand the pain it comes with.
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S. Kardam- Hospitalist
I never understood the role of external recruiters. DirectShifts helped me connect to employers directly. Everything was handled online!
S. Sarma, MD (Psychiatrist)
Very easy experience. Multiple jobs and higher pay rates. Will use them again!
J. Smith -Internal Medicine
Dead easy to use and this is the way recruiting should be! No nonsense and I was able to find my next job using DirectShifts! Highly recommended and would use again

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We're a team of physicians and entrepreneurs who have come together to solve a major pain point facing medical professionals today: healthcare recruiting. If you are a hospital or provider practice, work with us to improve your recruitment cycles, reduce cost and improve quality of candidates. If you are a clinician work with us to find your next opportunity to practice with more ease, better pay and less administrative burden. Join us in this revolution.
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