Our company's culture and core values

At DirectShifts, we build on an impressive legacy of pioneering success and growth. The source of our strength as a company is rooted in our culture and our core purpose and values.

Our AI-driven platform takes the guesswork out of recruitment and hiring. Post an unlimited number of jobs and match with the best candidates for the role.

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The core values we stand by for our partners

Transparency : All essential details like compensation, schedule, and facility features are listed in one place. You will know everything to make the best decision!

Trust: Trust is an essential element in our relationships with our doctors and in our work. We value integrity, transparency, cooperation, and respect toward our clients and colleagues. Service to others is a core value we believe in at DirectShifts.

Technology-driven: We believe that if something works by itself, it should happen automatically. With our AI-powered platform and a range of features, we make the recruitment process accessible and more transparent for both employers and healthcare professionals.

Customer Focus: We admire our clinicians and are honored to be a part of their journey, and our team is available 24/7. Although automation and technology are our primary tools, we don't forget that clinicians are human, and that's why they're special.

Culture @ DirectShifts

Working at DirectShifts is always going to be fun. Here, we are committed to helping our people build a career and not just focus on a job. We have a culture of learning and growth.

Respect and Trust

Trust and respect are the cornerstones of every conversation at DirectShifts. Open and honest communication is not only encouraged; it's an integral part of how we work at DirectShifts. We value each person's contribution and treat everyone with the highest level of personal and professional courtesy, consideration, and care.

Employee Engagement and Recognition

Employee recognition and engagement programs are one of the mainstays of DirectShifts employee culture. Every year, there are dedicated days, weeks, and months to recognize our employees' contributions to the organization appropriately. We follow a tradition of meeting in fun and family group chats often. Celebrations include giveaways, gifts, or team outings; work or personal anniversaries; life milestones like weddings or the addition of a new member to the family; employee of the month to celebrate their achievements.

Learning and Development Programs

At DirectShifts, our expertise is rooted in our people. A well-planned year-round calendar of training and on-demand development programs, whether technical or non-technical, is followed at DirectShifts.

Diversity and Inclusivity

At DirectShifts, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity where everyone’s contribution matters, and they are able to perform to their full potential irrespective of their background or identity. The majority of our staff are in India and the U.S. and a lot of them work across the globe since we are 100% remote. We are committed to actively building an organization and a society where inclusivity and diversity go hand in hand.

Performance Appraisals

We appraise every employee’s performance by offering transparent and honest feedback to create career plans for long-term growth. With DirectShifts, your growth is unlimited and is totally dependent on passion and performance. Our focus is on how you and we grow together as partners.

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