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Are you a talented therapist seeking new opportunities in the world of teletherapy? Look no further! DirectShifts is here to revolutionize your counseling career and connect you with the perfect virtual therapy jobs.

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Virtual Counseling Benefits

Work from anywhere

Freedom to choose your own schedule

Work with multiple employers

As a 1099 contractor, work with one or many employers

Choose your schedule

Customize your time & embrace total freedom

Perks, Bonus & benefits

Unlock exclusive offers and discounted deals

Virtual Counseling fits every Career Stage

New Grad? Soar to New Heights in Virtual Counseling!

Launch your career with DirectShifts and let your passion shine through the digital realm

Enjoy the flexibility and broader client base that virtual counseling offers

Flexible opportunity to earn additional income

Explore different facilities before committing to a long-term contract

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Fill employment gaps

Enjoy more flexibility

Expand your skillset

Travel the country

Mid-Career Therapist? Elevate Your Practice with Virtual Counseling!

Advance into leadership roles or a consultant position with the facility of your choice with DirectShifts

Diversify your skillset and embrace cutting-edge technologies

Redefine the impact you can make as a therapist by embracing the virtual realm

Your extensive experience and expertise can open doors to exciting opportunities such as speaking engagements and other avenues for virtual counseling

Close to Retirement? Extend Your Legacy with Virtual Counseling!

Transition into retirement while continuing to make a positive impact as a virtual therapist

Write books, articles, blog posts and mentor future therapists

Leave a lasting legacy by embracing virtual counseling from the comfort of your own home

Find virtual counseling opportunities that fit your desired schedule with DirectShifts

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Hear from fellow peers

Connecting with the kind and like-minded professionals at DirectShifts was a game changer! You are never alone in the process of providing the best possible care to your clients. Even through the onboarding process, you are surrounded by such helpful people. I highly recommend DirectShifts to clinicians seeking to build a successful practice.

Tim Whistine

Licensed Professional Counselor

DirectShifts’ staff are knowledgeable, courteous, transparent and helpful. I highly recommend signing onto their program. I'm 6 months into that job now and couldn't be happier

Heather Binns

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

I embraced the energy, professionalism, motivation, support, and guidance in navigating the onboarding process I was involved in. The care and respect were shown to me on every level and during every interaction with DirectShifts staff!

Dee (Denise) Demers

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

DirectShifts, as an organization, offered excellent customer service to me. No question was left unanswered, even though I had many. The timeliness of responses and a friendly and approachable attitude while remaining professional went a very long way toward reassuring me and ultimately facilitating my professional goals.

Guadalupe F Colvett

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I feel valued and supported. I genuinely feel valued, supported and respected for my knowledge, expertise and experience.

Kelli Hall

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

They trust us to provide the best talent

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