Virtual Counseling Job Opportunities

Mental health practitioners of all kinds can perform virtual counseling. As telehealth platforms expand, virtual counseling jobs are growing nationwide.


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What is virtual counseling?

Many medical providers are using telehealth, and therapists and counselors of all kinds are even more well-suited to working remotely. Whether over HIPPA-compliant video, remote chat, or even text, there are an expanding number of virtual counseling platforms.
Healthcare organizations and sole practitioners may purchase their own tools to supplement or transition their existing practice into a teletherapy one. Many clinicians elect to provide services on a large and independent telehealth platform instead.

How much can virtual counselors make?

Top teletherapists working a full-time schedule on established platforms easily make over $100,000 per year. Typical hourly rates range from $30 per hour to $100 per hour or more on specialty platforms.

Since advertising, compliance paperwork, travel, and technical support are covered by teletherapy platforms themselves, psychologists have lower overhead costs. They need only register and meet clients on teletherapy platforms.

Additionally, existing practices are transitioning to teletherapy or allowing their counselors to take part-time teletherapy work. Teletherapy platforms increase provider flexibility and give them more control over their practice.

What are the highest paying telecounseling jobs?

The ratio of clinicians to clients on the platform is an important consideration for teletherapy jobs. Consistent patient volume is important for those who want to rely on teletherapy as an income source. Larger providers can generally provide a steady stream of clients to choose from, anywhere in the country. DirectShifts helps you select between multiple great providers.

Who finds these jobs?

It comes as no surprise that you can search for online counseling jobs online. DirectShifts collects them from across the country and matches clinicians with the most relevant opportunities.

How can I become a teletherapist?

If you have a professional counseling degree and can practice without supervision, then teletherapy is a viable option for you. Some related counseling specialities, like substance abuse or speech therapy, have their own teletherapy tracks separate from mental health virtual counseling.

How do teletherapists get paid?

Most teletherapists who are not providing care under the auspices of a healthcare organization are 1099 independent contractors.

What happens if you become a remote counselor?

Once a therapist meets their first few clients online, they can choose their schedule and work from anywhere.
Client selection depends on the company you work with, but flexibility is a major feature of these roles.

What are the effects of virtual counseling?

One effect of virtual counseling is a better work-life balance for clinicians, which ultimately helps patients. The APA says that several studies show “telemental health is equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings and an acceptable alternative”, and that “asynchronous messaging therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy”.