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Apply to hospitals directly.

DirectShifts is an online platform that lets clinicians apply to medical jobs at hospitals directly, without going through external staffing agencies or recruiters.

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How DirectShifts works

Finally, a modern way to find healthcare jobs.

1. Get matched with jobs relevant to you.

Once you create your free account and upload your resume, you can set your job preferences such as hospital locations, ideal pay, and more. We then send you jobs that are relevant based on your preferences.

2. Apply directly to hospital job listings.

You can apply to multiple jobs directly with just a few clicks. See who you can work for and how much they're offering. Everything is transparent—no grey areas and no long term contracts.

3. Get credentialed online.

Handle all of your credentialing paperwork online. Upload your documents and manage them all in one place. We autocomplete forms for you to review and e-sign. No more fax machines or mailing paperwork!

4. Start working (and get paid more)

Cutting out expensive staffing agencies and recruiters means you can start working faster and make higher pay. It's a win-win!
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Services for Clinicians

We take care of the hassle so you can focus on what you do best.

Automated Paperwork

We autocomplete forms for you to review and e-sign, so you can enjoy a faster, more convenient hiring process.

Free Licensing and Insurance

Free licensing in any state and best in class malpractice insurance with complete tail coverage. We also provide higher coverage for states like NY.

Travel Expense Reimbursement

We reimburse all travel expenses and provide a personal concierge to book and manage your travel. Reach out to us to learn about our special travel offers.

Tax Preparation & Filing

Being an 1099 employee can complicate taxes. We've done it before and understand the frustrations, so we take care of all your tax filings for you!

24/7 Support

Get 24/7 premium support for any issues you may have.

Why DirectShifts?

Applying for healthcare jobs has never been easier.

Earn more money.

By cutting out recruiters and other middlemen, hospitals can save at least 40% in recruitment costs, so you can get paid more for your work.

100% digital and convenient.

Do everything online. Search for jobs and apply directly to hospitals at your convenience without going through a recruiter or staffing agency.

Fully transparent.

Our job listings reveal detailed information including the hospital, location, and pay rates. We don't hold you hostage to long term or hostile contracts.

We take your privacy seriously.

Your information belongs to you. We will never share your data or uploaded documents including your CV with anyone unless you apply for a job.

Get $1,500 toward CME Training.

We provide $1,500 for you to participate in CME training if you work more than 7 shifts through us. You can use this at any location!

Exclusive career development perks.

Invite-only private events with experts for career and financial planning, attorneys for contract review, and companies specializing in disability and life insurance.
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