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Empowering Clinicians, Elevating Healthcare

Are you ready to make an impact and earn extra income? Join the DirectShifts Ambassador community today!
It is an exclusive network of individuals who are passionate about connecting healthcare professionals with job opportunities and elevating their careers.

Rewards and Incentives

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the modern way to find new contracts and opportunities!

Bring new clinicians, Earn up to $1000

Leverage your network, Increase your income

Create healthcare system connections, Get rewarded

Engage and support our  community, Grow your network

Join DirectShifts Ambassadors, Transform Healthcare Together

Elevate your role beyond a clinician and become a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare industry. DirectShifts Clinician Ambassadors embrace the diversity of healthcare professionals, and strive to transform healthcare for the better. Are you ready to make a lasting impact in your own unique way?

Why DirectShifts

Extensive network of healthcare professionals

Seamless shift management and scheduling

Competitive pay rates and flexible working options

Cutting-edge technology for streamlined processes

Dedicated support team available 24/7

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