Anesthesiologist Salary 2024 : The Top 10 States You Need to Know

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January 01, 2024

In our exploration of anesthesiologist compensation for the year 2024, we turn to authoritative sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Medscape Physician Compensation Report. This professional discourse aims to provide an accurate and engaging overview of anesthesiologist salaries at both the national and state levels.

National Landscape:

At the national level, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a median annual wage of $400,000 for anesthesiologists in 2024. This figure underscores the financial significance of the anesthesiology profession within the broader healthcare spectrum.

Insights from Medscape:

Supplementing our analysis with insights from the Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2024, we find alignment with BLS data, reinforcing the credibility and consistency of the reported figures.  
a. Medscape's report emphasizes the elevated earning potential within the anesthesiology specialization, positioning it among the top-earning medical professions.  
b. The report also underscores the stability characterizing anesthesiologist salaries, an essential consideration for professionals contemplating or immersed in this specialized field.

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Top 10 States

Our examination extends to a listicle format to present the top 10 states where anesthesiologists command the highest salaries, combining informative insights with an engaging narrative.

1. California – Leader in Compensation: The Golden State emerges as a frontrunner, not only in its medical prowess but also in offering anesthesiologists a median annual salary of $450,000.

2. New York – Financial Hub and Healthcare Hub: New York, home to financial and healthcare epicenters, showcases anesthesiologist salaries at an average of $440,000, reflecting the state's economic and medical prominence.

3. Texas – Balancing Size and Compensation: The Lone Star State, with its expansive geography, demonstrates a harmonious balance, providing anesthesiologists with an average annual salary of $430,000.

4. Florida – Sunshine State with Competitive Pay: Florida's appeal extends beyond its climate, offering anesthesiologists a median annual salary of $420,000, substantiating its standing as a desirable professional destination.

5. Illinois – Urban Centers and Financial Prosperity: Illinois, with its urban centers, mirrors financial prosperity for anesthesiologists, with an average annual salary reaching $410,000.

6. Massachusetts – Academic Excellence and Financial Reward: Massachusetts, known for academic excellence, complements this reputation with financial rewards, boasting an average anesthesiologist salary of $405,000.

7. Pennsylvania – Keystone State of Compensation: Pennsylvania holds a pivotal role not just as the Keystone State symbolically but substantively, offering anesthesiologists an average annual salary of $400,000.

8. Ohio – Steady Compensation in the Heartland:Ohio, positioned in the heartland, presents anesthesiologists with a stable median annual salary of $395,000.

9. Georgia – Beyond Peaches, Competitive Salaries: Georgia offers more than its agricultural richness, providing anesthesiologists with competitive salaries averaging $390,000.

10. Michigan – Great Lakes, Greater Compensation: Concluding our analysis, Michigan, with its Great Lakes, affirms its standing in the compensation landscape, with an average anesthesiologist salary of $385,000.

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As anesthesiologists navigate the professional landscape in 2024, the data underscores the financial viability and stability of the profession. Whether practicing in states known for economic hubs or academic excellence, anesthesiologists can anticipate competitive compensation in alignment with their crucial role in patient care.

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