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Healthcare professionals carry significant student debt. How has managing student loans affected your career choices and financial stability?

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October 3, 2023
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I love underserved care, however, I feel the loan repayment conditions do not align with the realities of working in this arena. Depending on where you are, the work and hours are longer, the pay is lower, and the patients are sicker. The burden of paying student loans hits more acutely when you’re working in multiple capacities beyond providing patient care and there’s no accounting for it in programs like the NHSC. I know I make significantly less in comparison to others in my specialty in my area. Considering the impact of the student loans, this has delayed major financial decisions, such as buying a home or a new vehicle.

Chandra Jennings
Physician (MD/DO)

It affects how much you work in terms of hours, who you work for, public health vs. private and for profit organizations. Do you work more hours or farther away for higher wages, less time for yourself or family. I have had to do all of these things.

Janet Robinson
Advanced Practice Provider (APRN, NP, CNS, Midwife, etc.)

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