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Use code DIRECTSHIFTS for free delivery on all orders over $30.
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Gorillas is a service that delivers groceries and essentials in minutes via app.

Order on-demand to wherever you are at home, at work, or even the park! The average delivery time is less than 15 minutes.

You can shop from thousands of items including fresh produce, seafood and meat, alcohol, snacks, personal care, and a wide selection of beloved local brands.

With Gorillas, you are shopping sustainability as all deliveries are made on emission-free ebikes by full or part-time riders (who receive salaried pay and full benefits).

Shop from thousands of grocery, household,and personal care items on Gorillas. Think: a full Sunday grocery haul, a bottle of wine for dinner, or that laundry detergent you forgot to pick up on the way home. No time slots or subscription required. Only $1.80 delivery fee. At your door in minutes.

*First-time users only. Minimum spend $20. Code must be applied to each order. Limited time offer. See app for details.

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