LVN & LPN Salaries 2024:
The Top 10 States You Need to Know

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January 01, 2024

Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses (LVN/LPNs) play a vital role in the healthcare system, providing essential patient care under the supervision of registered nurses. But for your dedication and expertise, fair compensation is key. And guess what? That can vary significantly across the U.S., with some states offering golden opportunities for LVN/LPNs. So, buckle up, because we're diving into the top 10 states with the highest LVN/LPN salaries in 2024, including your requested picks – New York and Illinois. We'll also sprinkle in some cost-of-living data and interesting facts about the nursing landscape in each state, giving you a comprehensive picture to guide your career choices.

Nationwide Snapshot:

Before we zoom in, let's set the national stage. The average annual salary for LVN/LPNs in the U.S. in 2024 sits at $66,243, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, trends show significant geographical disparities, influenced by factors like demand, cost of living, and unionization. So, get ready to explore a diverse range of options!

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The Top 10:

Where Your LVN/LPN Expertise Shines Brightest:

1. California : The Golden State tops the list with an average LVN/LPN salary of $83,700, a whopping 26% higher than the national average. Contributing factors include a high cost of living (remember, not all that glitters is gold!), a robust healthcare system, and strong union presence for nurses. (BLS, California Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement: California offers abundant opportunities for LVN/LPNs to climb the ladder. They can pursue their RN licensure, specialize in areas like gerontology or oncology, or take on leadership roles in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
  • Interesting Fact: California is home to world-renowned medical institutions like Stanford Hospital and UCLA Medical Center, allowing LVN/LPNs to work alongside top-tier professionals and be at the forefront of medical advancements.

2. Alaska : The Last Frontier boasts an average salary of $78,290, driven by a similar dynamic: high cost of living and limited nursing workforce. So, your LVN/LPN skills are highly sought-after here! (BLS, Alaska Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Due to the workforce shortage, LVN/LPNs in Alaska can quickly progress to RN positions, specialize in areas like critical care or flight nursing, or even open their own private practices.
  • Interesting Fact : Alaska has the highest nurse-to-patient ratio in the country, meaning LVN/LPNs play an even more crucial role in providing essential care to remote communities, adding a unique twist to your career.

3. Washington : Get ready for evergreen salaries averaging $77,520! Washington's growing population and expanding healthcare needs fuel the demand for skilled LVN/LPNs. (BLS, Washington State Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Washington encourages LVN/LPNs to pursue higher education, offering bridge programs and financial aid to help them transition to RN roles. They can also specialize in areas like public health or mental health nursing.
  • Interesting Fact : Washington is a leader in telehealth, and LVN/LPNs are increasingly playing a vital role in providing virtual care to patients in rural areas, making your skills even more future-proof.

4. Massachusetts : History and high salaries go hand-in-hand in the Bay State, where LVN/LPNs earn an average of $76,130. Strong union representation and a competitive healthcare landscape play a key role. (BLS, Massachusetts Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Massachusetts boasts strong union support for nurses, providing LVN/LPNs with backing for career advancement opportunities. They can pursue RN licensure, specialize in areas like cardiac care or pediatrics, or take on administrative roles in hospitals or clinics.
  • Interesting Fact : Massachusetts is a hub for medical research and innovation, offering LVN/LPNs the chance to be at the forefront of new healthcare advancements, keeping your career intellectually stimulating.

5. Nevada : Roll the dice on a $75,840 average salary in Nevada! The state's thriving hospitality industry and growing senior population create ample opportunities for LVN/LPNs. (BLS, Nevada Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Nevada's growing healthcare sector presents numerous options for LVN/LPNs to advance. They can pursue RN licensure, specialize in areas like emergency nursing or addiction treatment, or move into management roles in casinos or resort healthcare facilities, adding a touch of glitz to your career path.

6. Oregon : Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon boasts an average LVN/LPN salary of $75,420. Similar to Washington, its growing population and burgeoning healthcare sector create strong demand for skilled nurses. (BLS, Oregon Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Oregon offers ample options for LVN/LPNs to advance, including pursuing RN licensure, specializing in areas like gerontology or palliative care, or taking on leadership roles in community health settings.
  • Interesting Fact : Oregon is a leader in integrated healthcare, emphasizing preventative care and patient education, offering LVN/LPNs a chance to play a more holistic role in patient well-being.

7. Hawaii : Aloha to an average salary of $74,570! The island paradise attracts LVN/LPNs with its scenic beauty, competitive pay, and unique healthcare needs. However, be prepared for a higher cost of living. (BLS, Hawaii Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Hawaii encourages LVN/LPNs to pursue their RN licensure through bridge programs and scholarships. They can also specialize in areas like geriatric care or critical care, or take on leadership roles in rural health clinics.
  • Interesting Fact : Hawaii's diverse population and remote communities present unique challenges and opportunities for LVN/LPNs, allowing them to hone their skills in a culturally rich environment.

8. Colorado : Embrace the Rocky Mountain fresh air and an average salary of $74,310. Colorado's thriving healthcare scene and stunning outdoors draw many LVN/LPNs, but keep the cost of living in mind. (BLS, Colorado Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Colorado offers numerous pathways for LVN/LPNs to advance, including pursuing RN licensure, specializing in areas like oncology or mental health nursing, or moving into administrative roles in long-term care facilities.
  • Interesting Fact : Colorado is a leader in wellness initiatives, promoting preventative care and healthy lifestyles, allowing LVN/LPNs to contribute to a holistic approach to healthcare.

9. Minnesota : The Land of 10,000 Lakes offers an average salary of $73,290. Minnesota's strong healthcare system and focus on preventive care create ample opportunities for LVN/LPNs. (BLS, Minnesota Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : Minnesota offers bridge programs and financial aid to support LVN/LPNs transitioning to RN roles. They can also specialize in areas like home health care or pediatrics, or take on leadership roles in public health initiatives.
  • Interesting Fact : Minnesota has a strong collaborative healthcare system, emphasizing teamwork and communication, allowing LVN/LPNs to play a valuable role in patient-centered care.

10. New Hampshire : Nestled in New England, New Hampshire rounds out the list with an average salary of $72,800. This charming state provides a competitive salary and a relatively lower cost of living compared to its high-paying counterparts. (BLS, New Hampshire Nurses Association)

  • Career Advancement : New Hampshire offers numerous options for LVN/LPNs to advance, including pursuing RN licensure, specializing in areas like cardiology or gerontology, or taking on leadership roles in hospice care or assisted living facilities.
  • Interesting Fact : New Hampshire has a growing geriatric population, creating a high demand for skilled LVN/LPNs in geriatric care and long-term care settings.

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Beyond the numbers, explore career advancement prospects, delve into the fascinating nursing landscape of each state, and listen to your heart's compass. Whether you're drawn to the cutting-edge research of Massachusetts or the remote healthcare needs of Alaska, remember: your skills and dedication are valuable assets. This guide is just the starting point. Grab your scrubs, research diligently, and strike gold with your LVN/LPN career in the state that perfectly aligns with your aspirations.

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