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DirectShifts is excited to partner with Nitra to connect clinicians directly to healthcare employers.

Our AI-driven platform takes the guesswork out of recruitment and hiring. Post an unlimited number of jobs and match with the best candidates for the role.

AI-driven platform: Take the guesswork out of recruitment and hiring.

No limits: Post an unlimited number of jobs.

Intelligent matching: Match with the best candidates for the role.

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Hire Staff
10x Faster

Reduce you fill times & get coverage you need

Save Up To 40%

Optimize Your Labor Spending

Source From 750,000+ Clinicians

AI-Supported Matchmaking

DirectShifts can help:

Per-Diem, Locums/Travel & Permanent Placements

A 360° Partnership

Our partners are assigned a specialized, dedicated team to ensure placement and success.

Greater Collaboration

Get connected to the team through a dedicated Slack channel. Regularly scheduled check-ins for quality assurance and satisfaction.

24/7 Clinician Support

Our Clinician Concierge is available 24/7 to address any scheduling, billing, or administrative challenges. We develop and handle the clinician management.

High-Quality Matches

Meet the best AI-matched candidates for your open roles.

Direct Messaging

Instantly contact both active and passive candidate pools, and invite them to apply!

Reviews & Ratings

Submit Client reviews and view ratings - focused on qualitative and quantitative quality metrics.

Applicant Tracking

Track all your applications directly on the secure platform. Sort your pipeline, view your timesheets, all in one place.

Integrated Credentialing Support

View, track, and download clinician-submitted credentialing documentation. No more emails or fax needed!


Helping Our Partners Succeed

Hi Suchi, I really appreciate all your help and guidance throughout the onboarding process especially when it came to apprising me of the required steps to complete along the way.. Thank you for all of your assistance. Your help definitely made the entire process a smooth one. Iam looking forward to working with clients on the Better Help platform! Thank you so much Suchitral!!

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Chauncey Chatman

My plate is full as a single mom and owner of private practice. I don't want to work for a company anymore and DirectShifts gives that networking and bridge to some consistent opportunities without having to be in a draining system.

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Munirah Alam

Psychotherapist & Ceremonialist

Your company has been outstanding to work with. Excellent communication . Nick has been outstanding and has always been very responsive when I reach out to him. Really like what you folks are trying to do in terms of decreasing administrative layers.

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Dr Michael Marchiano

Internal Medicine Physician

DirectShifts has made the process of getting a job much shorter and easier. All my documentation was taken care of by Nick and any missing documents were followed up and uploaded by him. I truly appreciate how Nick took the time to follow up on my application and how I could reach out to him with questions via text and email. Overall, DirectShifts has been one of the best companies I've worked with .

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Marcia Roye-Madison

MSN, APRN FNP-C Founder - Island Beauty, P.C

Thanks to Directshifts, I got a new job within 2 weeks, it was a very quick process! They responded to my application and questions within 48 hours. Definitely one of the most honest and authentic companies I've worked with. I can always rely on DirectShifts, to notify me of any new job that match my preferences. I appreciated the personal attention from Dylan. He is very respectful and open So far so good!

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Lois Nwachukwu


I found a job very quickly. I replied to a job match email and was speaking with my company the next week. Perfect!

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R. Olivias

Nurse Practitioner

Jimmy has been responsive, and gracious. and importantly, he's been grateful.

As providers, we're somethimes not appreciated for the work we do. I recognized his appreciation and gratitude. his flexibility with my work and what i'm lokking for has been amazing.

Directshifts' in -house therapist, colleen, has also been amazing and so quick to respond! if i text her, she asks to call me back to answer me in detail.

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Susie Harrmann


Dead easy to use and this is the way recruiting should be! No nonsense and I was able to find my next job using DirectShifts! Highly recommended and would use again.

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J. Smith

Internal Medicine

Very easy experience. Multiple jobs and higher pay rates. Will use them again!

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S. Sarma

MD - Psychiatrist

I never understood the role of external recruiters. DirectShifts helped me connect to employers directly. Everything was handled online!

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S. Kardam


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