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Only DirectShifts Has:

Intelligent AI Matching

Your top picks will want the same job length, locations, and salary expectations that you do.
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Clinicians continue to have many choices. We’ll help you find the ideal ones at the start of your search. Our proprietary matching software is second-to-none.

Vetted and pre-verified, your top picks will be ready to start immediately. Our matches are just what you’re looking for.

Applicant Tracking Dashboard

View applications on our intuitive online platform. You’re in control from the first click.
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Developed by clinicians for clinicians, DirectShifts tracks what you need to know before accepting a candidate. Our built-in status pipeline guides you and your clinician through the hiring process, from interviews to offers.

Get updates on interview status and your organization’s credentialing progress every step of the way. Your applicants will have a full profile - including photos! - for you to review.

We support automated pre-screening and custom questionnaire forms.  Ensure you have the right information before reaching out!

Direct Messaging

It’s time to talk! Interact directly with applicants. Only use middlemen when you need to.
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Avoid middlemen and talk directly with potential hires. Get to know your potential coworkers right away.

And when you want negotiations handled on your behalf, DirectShifts staff are ready to jump in 24/7.

Effortless Locums and Per Diem Management

Check credentials and timesheets online, any time.
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Clinicians submit their timesheets without reminders from you. Access and approve those timesheets via app or desktop. Our award-winning per diem management software is used by clinicians and health systems alike. 

Payment and paperwork is processed by DirectShifts, too. It’s simpler than what you’re used to. We’ll keep track of everything, however you like it.

Reviews and Ratings

Rate and review DirectShifts clinicians, incentivizing their best work as they work for you.
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It’s so easy to get genuine advice on DirectShifts. Understand your clinicians and their strengths. Trust from unfiltered reviews.

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