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What matters more to you: a positive workplace environment or a higher pay rate? Why?

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Last answered:
January 9, 2024
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Both, a positive workplace environment creates a more healthier and happier workplace which increases the likelihood of employees being happier. Happier employees produce more efficient work, which brings me to the problems of poor paying rates. Nowadays most nurses have to work two jobs, to makes ends meet.

How do you have a positive workplace where employees are always exhausted? HEADS UP , There is no such thing as positive workplace environment if employees have to constantly worry about the next paycheck is not going to be enough to pay the bills.

Natacha Ladouceur
Registered Nurse (RN)

A positive workplace leads to a cohesive band of workers, people help each other show respect and generally thrive if they feel valued.

Elaine Youngman
Registered Nurse (RN)

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