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When you quit your job, what is your primary reason for leaving?

Posted Date:
Last answered:
November 22, 2023
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Not enough compensation for hours worked.

Belinda Timm
Behavioral Health & Social Work

When I left my last position with a health care agency I was seeking responsibility for the care of individuals who were struggling with chronic and persistent mental health challenges. I wanted to have more influence to help my clients learn to effectively live with who they were. The structure and policies of the agency prevented me from supporting the individual as well as implementing the changes i identified as needed within the economy of health care.

Susan T. Lindau
Behavioral Health & Social Work

Unfortunately, I had to resign from my position as an RN in a very well known hospital!

The primary reason why I chose to leave was because of TERRIBLE ORGANIZATIONAL PRACTICES and BEHAVIOR !!!

Sadly, talking to Managers and Supervisors doesn’t always mean that things will get better!

All hospitals will lose staff, especially RN’s, because Management doesn’t usually listen to the concerns of nurses and other staff. Even when they do listen, it’s not with enough interest.

No one wants to leave a job after 16, but sometimes, you can only tolerate so much!!

When you see that things are continuing to decline, you have reached out repeatedly and nothing is improving, it is time to go.

Maralyn Carter
Registered Nurse (RN)


Jack Amodio
Registered Nurse (RN)

Our former Director unfortunately died. The new Director is poor on many dimensions including fund of knowledge, taking responsibility, etc.

Gregory Hess
Physician (MD/DO)

Not enough compensation for hours worked.

Belinda Timm
Behavioral Health & Social Work

Shortage of support staff & under paid.

Sunita Agarwal
Physician (MD/DO)


Edward Laski
Physician (MD/DO)

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