Applicant Tracking System

DirectShifts offers its recruiters and employers an end to end free hiring solution to help them build a talent led organization.

Track all your applications directly on the secure platform!

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How It Works

Source Qualified Applicants

Designed to streamline the screening process, our intelligent AI matching software identifies optimal applicants in seconds, leading to ahigher quality hire in less time.

Automate and Increase Efficiency

Helps recruiters and employers reduce their dependence on decentralized, paper and email processes. Thus, reducing the chances of makingmanual mistakes and digitizing and centralizing sensitive data on a secure platform.

Intelligent and Data Driven

It gives the organizations competitive edge for hiring and retaining talent, and can help reduce the operating cost of the company, therefore enhancing customer onboarding experience.

Free to Use

The solution is absolutely free to use for applicants as well as recruiters! A powerful and simple built in intelligence system that facilitates quick and smart hiring. Are you looking for a job? Apply here


Web-based Access

Free Mobile App

Private, Secure Platform

Easy & Transparent Approval Process

24/7 Technical Support

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