How DirectShifts Enabled A B2B Digital Health Startup's Telehealth Partner To meet Workforce Demands At Scale And Speed.

September 4, 2023
DirectShifts’ platform includes profiles for ~160,000 mental health professionals
The telehealth partner experienced ebbs and flows in demand and required
Onboarding and Training
DS built a contingent employee training and onboarding process aligned
Ongoing Collaboration and Clinician Support
DirectShifts held regular check-ins to ensure quality assurance and satisfaction.

At A Glance

Utilizing DirectShifts’ healthcare staffing marketplace and services, a B2B digital health startup was able to supplement the in-house clinical team of their telehealth partner at scale and speed to meet spikes in demand quickly.

Executive Summary:

  • Scalable and flexible recruiting and hiring model based on spikes in demand.
  • Real-time, data-driven collaboration and support to maximize workforce utilization and efficiency.
  • White glove onboarding and training to reduce fill times and increase clinician and client satisfaction.

From The Customer

“The DS Team has been responsive, gracious, and, most importantly, grateful. As providers, we are sometimes unappreciated for our work. I recognized their appreciation, gratitude, flexibility, and responsiveness. DS also provided a great therapist resource. She has been amazing and quickly responded to my questions in detail.”


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