Minds Unite : A Behavioral Health Virtual Networking Event

February 27, 2024
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Minds Unite : A Behavioral Health Virtual Networking Event

Event Date:

February 27, 2024


Online Event

About the event:

Calling all compassionate healers and mental health professionals! DirectShifts is thrilled to announce a virtual networking event tailored exclusively for you! 

Join us for an experience that transcends geographical barriers, uniting behavioral health therapists from all specializations and licensure levels.

✨ What to Expect:

At DirectShifts, we understand that your ability to initiate growth and healing in others is amplified when you're part of a robust community. Our virtual networking event is designed to help you cultivate a web of support that transcends the limitations of physical proximity. Connect with therapists of various specializations, from LPC/LCPC and LSW/LCSW to PhDs and PsyDs. 

🤝 Why Attend:

Discover the power of collaboration as we break down the barriers that often hinder confident referrals and collaborative ventures. Expand your professional network, share experiences with colleagues who truly understand your journey.

🎁 Appreciation Awaits:

As a token of our gratitude for your participation and dedication to fostering a supportive community, all our event participants will receive coffee gift cards!

🗓️ Save the Date! DirectShifts Virtual Therapist Meet-up - Let's Connect!

We look forward to virtually welcoming you to the event.

Watch the event here:


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