Welcome to DirectShifts: Virtual Clinician Onboarding

February 23, 2023
Online events

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Welcome to DirectShifts: Virtual Clinician Onboarding

Event Date:

February 23, 2023


Online Event

About the event:

DirectShifts is thrilled to invite our newly joined clinicians to our upcoming event, "Welcome to DirectShifts: An Online Onboarding Event for Clinicians." The event is planned to welcome new clinicians and will occur once a quarter. An online event where we can interact and network with clinicians, learn more about them, and run them through our platform. Invitations for the event will be sent personally to all the new clinicians.

What you can expect:

  1. A networking event between our clinicians and the DirectShifts team
  2. A brief introduction about the DirectShifts platform and increasing clinicians' familiarity with it
  3. A short session helping the new clinicians tune themselves into a new working environment
  4. A Q&A session where clinicians share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions if any
  5. Discussing the perks and benefits of working with DirectShifts
  6. A small giveaway activity to add joyful spirit to the experience

Watch the event here:

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Invitations for the event will be shared personally with all new clinicians

This Event has been closed for now

This Event has been closed, you can still watch the full video on this page

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