Empowering Women in Healthcare: Pursuing Careers and Breaking Barriers

Mareina Brewer, CMA
March 15, 2023

In this conversation, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mareina Brewer, a clinician who is currently working as a mobile phlebotomist and medical assistant, while simultaneously pursuing her dream of becoming a registered nurse. Throughout the discussion, Mareina shared her insights and advice for young women who are considering a similar path in healthcare.

Mareina emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and taking action to avoid future regrets. She encouraged young women to work hard and achieve their goals, highlighting the value of having a logical thought process when building a career.

Moving on to the broader topic of women in healthcare, Mareina offered her perspective on the current landscape of the industry. She acknowledged the high percentage of women in entry-level healthcare positions, but also expressed the need for more women in leadership roles.
Watch the full video here:

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