On Demand Webinar - DirectShifts On-Demand Workforce Management

July 12, 2023

At the intersection of open shifts and clinician flexibility are float pools. Traditional float pools are critical to hospitals’ ability to staff effectively amid ebbs and flows in patient volume and offer today's clinicians the flexibility they crave. 

Healthcare and the labor market in general, have changed drastically, and conventional float pool models are not fulfilling the goals they were created to support. That’s why we are introducing DirectShifts’ new On-Demand WorkforceManagement Solution.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss current healthcare workforce challenges and the potential of float pools to address them. 
  • Provide a brief overview of "float pools", its benefits, and associated challenges.
  • Demonstrate how DirectShifts’ On-Demand Management Solution addresses the traditional float pool and overall workforce challenges.
  • Walk through a few common shift management scenarios that DirectShifts’ Float Pool Management Solution can improve.

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