How Much Is a Teletherapist Salary? What Teletherapists Make in 2021

Michelle Henry
March 2, 2021

Post-pandemic, the demand has for tele-therapy has continued to grow. Nationwide adoption of telehealth on modern platforms is stabilizing at levels unimaginable just over a year ago.

Salary for Telecounseling Jobs

Generic telecounseling jobs typically pay between $35 and $45 per hour after taxes.

This works out to around $80,000 per year at 40 hours per week. Based on our independent research and our contracts with telehealth providers, the average counselor prefers to limit themselves to several teletherapist sessions per week. However, many platforms have activity bonuses or other ways to increase efficiency for full-time providers. 

Full-time freelance teletherapists who dedicate themselves to an active platform frequently report making $100,000 per year. Up to $150,000 in billable hours is not unheard of.

More specialized apps for specific diagnoses, or apps that require some training to use, will generally pay more than all-purpose teletherapy apps. Specialized apps will have stricter hiring requirements.

How Are Telehealth Counselors Paid?

Large teletherapy companies generally employ counselors under a 1099 arrangements. The benefit of this setup for counselors is that advertising, insurance, and most prep work is taken care of in advance by a teletherapy platform.Under a 1099 contract, the provider is classified independent contractor instead of a full-time employee. This makes you responsible for paying taxes on your salary. 

To calculate what your final pay rate would be as a 1099 contractor, try taking 25% off of the stated salary. A pay rate of $50 per hour would work out to $40 per hour in this estimate.

Speech-language pathologists are different from counselors, but they make a similar amount.

Where Can I Find Teletherapy Recruitment Bonuses?

Thanks to the rapid investments flowing into telehealth, recruitment bonuses for teletherapy have become common. 

In the past, DirectShifts has been able to offer up to $700 to any counseling professional based on demand. Bonuses of $100 are more likely.

Recruitment bonuses vary, but you can look for virtual counseling jobs on DirectShifts or elsewhere.

Can Anyone Become A Teletherapist?

Teletherapy hiring requirements depends on the employer. You’ll generally need to be licensed to practice without supervision. A history of malpractice will also make it difficult to be hired. There are counseling jobs available for all clinical specialties - from LPCs and LMHCs to psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists.

Where to Get Money to Start Telecounseling

A small business loan can help you get set up with your own teletherapy platform. If you’re looking to formally integrate a telecounseling platform into an existing business that you own - whether as part of the business or a separate brand - it’s easy to do.

Teletherapy provides a steady income stream to pay off student loans and ongoing practice costs. The advantage of consistent, flexible, low-pressure work can sustain the ebbs and flows of in-person practice. Teletherapy can be a great part of a mental health therapist career.

DirectShifts still has still teletherapy openings available for counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers nationwide. Apply online for an interview within 1 business day.

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