How An AI-Powered Healthcare Recruitment Platform Recruits Healthcare Staff 50x Faster

February 8, 2023
Patient-to-nurse ratio reduced to half
Qualified Candidates
40 qualified profiles credentialed in Week 1
Fair Pricing
Operational costs were reduced by 48%
Challenges and Solutions
32 qualified registered nurses were onboarded in just 4 weeks

About The Client

A community-focused health system in New York City.

The Challenges Faced

The healthcare company was struggling to find coverage to meet the demands of their patient census during the peak of COVID- 19 and the following months. The company worked with 14 other staffing partners to find coverage across their 3 hospitals, but no agency was able to fill enough shifts to maintain appropriate nurse-patient ratios across different departments. The healthcare industry and public health facilities were experiencing nurse shortages because of increased demand for nursing staff across the country and in New York City. During this time, the company faced challenges in attracting quality nursing candidates compared to its financially strong and prominent counterparts in New York. With patient volumes rising and the COVID-19 implications putting nearly a quarter of staff away from work, there was no means to address the immediate coverage needs at all healthcare facilities. The health system was facing challenges in maintaining nurse-patient ratios across their department, staff burnout, and high bill rates from staffing agencies.

Solution Provided

After the healthcare companies' partnership with DirectShifts, we were able to quickly tap into a pool of over 750,000 clinicians on the platform, and we were able to source quality candidates who were actively and passively searching for opportunities. The unique artificial intelligence (AI) based-matchmaking system quickly sorted and identified the top applicants and best leads that fit the hospital's requests.

This was made possible by DirectShifts' leveraging its state-of-the-art platform and promoting a strategic partnership with the client. By taking a deeper interest and involvement with the client, they understood our investment in them as a long-term partner instead of a short-term project. The DirectShifts platform, featuring online credentialing and professional documentation storage for clinicians, successfully expedited the credentialing process for all nursing candidates. These "DirectShifts PreCredentialed" and hospital-approved candidates were fully credentialed and cleared for orientation by week 3.

DirectShifts implemented a significant referral program to supplement our current sourcing activity. This proved to be the main driver in helping us uncover qualified candidates. By taking a long-term approach here, our main goal was to fill as many shifts as possible in the shortest amount of time. There wasn’t enough time for lagging

negotiations, so our recruitment team developed rate parameters, which we had to abide by, even if it meant taking a slight hit to our overall margins. This gave us the speed necessary to make an impact!

DirectShifts Impact


Sourced, Vetted, andPresented 40 qualifiedcandidates who werehighly interested in the


Hospital approvedcandidates were fullycredentialed and clearedfor orientation


Within a span of 4weeks, Sourced,Credentialed, andOnboarded 32 qualifiedRegistered Nurses


In just 3 weeks, the steps taken by the DirectShifts team turned around the tables and we observed:

  • We evaluated the market conditions.
  • We identified the best matches using the DirectShifts platform and made ourselves highly visible. Taking a customer service approach over and above industry standards.
  • We knew that if the clinicians felt like they were being taken care of in this tough time, they would not only sign up with us but also refer their colleagues to come on board as well

This healthcare company has continued its work with DirectShifts and has become one of its prominent partners, expanding its relationship into additional specialties and occupations.

Get started with DirectShifts today. Meet the best AI-matched candidates from our pool of 800,000+ pre-credentialed, verified, ready-to-work clinicians for your open roles. Track and communicate with all your applications directly on the DirectShifts platform. Use features like ATS, Timesheets, and automated billings to manage the shifts of the clinicians who are working for you. All of this at a lower price than traditional job boards or legacy staffing agencies!

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