How An AI-Powered Healthcare Recruitment Platform Recruits Healthcare Staff 50x Faster

September 4, 2023
Patient-to-nurse ratio reduced to half
Qualified Candidates
40 qualified profiles credentialed in Week 1
Fair Pricing
Operational costs were reduced by 48%
Challenges and Solutions
32 qualified registered nurses were onboarded in just 4 weeks

This case study is about a healthcare company struggling to find coverage to meet the demands of their patient census during the peak of COVID-19 and the following months. The health system was facing challenges in maintaining nurse-patient ratios across their department, staff burnout, and high bill rates from staffing agencies. After the healthcare companies' partnership with DirectShifts, we were able to quickly tap into a pool of over 750,000 clinicians on the platform, and we were able to source quality candidates who were actively and passively searching for opportunities. Download the case study by submitting your information.

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