How DirectShifts Designed And Implemented An Affordable Staffing Solution For A Leading Health Services Company.

February 7, 2023
New Hires
15 new hires were made through DirectShift with little delay
Saved Over
They saved over $200,000 annually on their first round of hires
Another hire was transferred to the fullservice DirectShifts platform!
CCHS successfully led a robust COVID-19 response in a community of over 1 million people.

About The Client

Contra Costa Health Services is a publicly-run safety-net health system. They operate hospitals and a health insurance plan with 200,000 members in Contra Costa County, a 45-minute drive from San Francisco, California.

CCHS is an esteemed part of the local community. But their lean HR department needed help to attract clinicians when compared to flashier employers in a nearby big city.

The Challenges Faced

When COVID-19 began, CCHS reached out to DirectShifts with an urgent request. They required 6 physicians and 9 nurse practitioners to support their existing outpatient facilities and new respiratory clinics. Although the foundation for great care was in place at CCHS, their team risked running out of clinicians to fill an increasing number of critical shifts. Existing physicians were either burned out or left as demand increased.

CCHS faced a revenue loss almost every day, and their offices ran at reduced capacity. Most of their funding comes from direct patient services, so being open was critical. They had exhausted their list of potential hires. The changing nature of the pandemic also required CCHS to move from fixed contracts to flexible costs, and they didn’t have enough HR professionals with locums experience. CCHS had an existing relationship with DirectShifts and was satisfied with their occasional specialist hires through our platform. The need of the hour was to reach out to us and discuss contract terms with a wider group of qualified clinicians.

Solution Provided

CCHS was in close contact with DirectShifts to develop custom credentialing solutions. Our platform handled locums contracts and timesheets automatically, and their HR team used our platform to reach out and recruit their staff on time.


Get started with DirectShifts today. Meet the best AI-matched candidates from our pool of 800,000+ pre-credentialed, verified, ready-to-work clinicians for your open roles. Track and communicate with all your applications directly on the DirectShifts platform. Use features like ATS, Timesheets, and automated billings to manage the shifts of the clinicians who are working for you. All of this at a lower price than traditional job boards or legacy staffing agencies!

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