Recruitment solutions to your staffing needs.

Directly connect with high-quality, pre-verified clinicians to fill your urgent needs.

Our AI-driven platform takes the guesswork out of recruitment and hiring. Post an unlimited number of jobs and match with the best candidates for the role.

AI-driven “Smart Platform”: Take the guesswork out of recruitment and hiring.

No limits: Post an unlimited number of jobs.

Intelligent matching: No more posting and praying. Match with the best candidates for the role.

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Hire Staff
10x Faster

Reduce your fill times & get coverage you need

Save Up To 40%

Optimize Your Labor Spending

Source From 800,000+ Clinicians

AI-Supported Matchmaking

How DirectShifts can help:

Per-Diem, Locums/Travel & Permanent Placements

A 360° Partnership

Our partners are assigned a specialized, dedicated team to ensure placement and success.

Greater Collaboration

Get connected to the team through regularly scheduled check-ins for quality assurance and satisfaction.

24/7 Clinician Support

Our clinician concierge team is available 24/7 to address any scheduling, billing, or administrative challenges.

High-Quality Matches

Connect with the best AI-matched candidates for your open roles.

Direct Messaging

Instantly find verified and pre-credentialed candidates from a pool of 800,000+ clinicians at nearby locations and invite them to apply.

Reviews & Ratings

Submit reviews and view clinician ratings—focused on qualitative and quantitative quality metrics.

Applicant Tracking System

Track all your candidates and view your pipeline directly in one place.

Integrated Credentialing Support

View, track, and download clinician-submitted credentialing documentation. No more emails or fax needed!


Helping Our Partners Succeed

Gokul, Sathish, and Moon have been wonderful to work with over the past several months. Overall the team is thorough and knowledgeable on staffing, healthcare, market conditions, and all the elements that make such a partnership possible.

Their excellent communication sets them apart! They really listened and worked to understand Monument’s needs and culture, then kept us informed along every step of the way, providing status updates on candidates' searches and promptly addressing any concerns. They demonstrated an extensive network and had access to a wide pool of qualified candidates. Their rigorous screening process ensured that only the most suitable candidates were presented to us. DirectShifts HRIS system is easy to use and convenient, but not cumbersome.

Moon's work is exceptional, she's really shown consistency and speed, producing hard-to-find talent, in tough markets. Due to DirectShifts, they were able to help us address some priority staffing needs very quickly. Everyone I spoke with who was submitted by DirectShifts was well informed of our role and Monument which saved valuable time in the interview process. Some candidates spoke about their positive experience with the DirectShifts team, highlighting the high level of communication, reliability, and support from Moon and the Team.

Monument appreciates the partnership with DirectShifts and the support of our growing Healthcare platform!

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Team Monument

We have been using this platform for a while now and are very happy with DirectShifts and Satish. Within our first week using DirectShifts, we made a PCP hire for our company. We had been looking for months to build a list, and within a week of posting our job via DirectShifts, we found our doctor We are very happy with the platform and are in the works of adding more users because of the success we have seen. The platform has been very easy for me to navigate, and have been averaging applications daily for our postings.

I have been in the healthcare industry as a source for many years, and I have to say Satish has been beyond amazing to work with. When I send an email asking a question or advice on my postings, I know I am going to receive a response quickly (mostly within the hour). I really appreciate the fact I know I don't have to wait a day or more to receive a response from Satish as I have experienced elsewhere. This alone has helped my company be successful in using this platform. Satish and his company make us feel like we are actually a partner and in it together for my company to succeed. With constant communication with Satish on what our fire needs are, it has helped us be successful in him and I working as a team.

Best of luck in your searches and using DirectShifts. You are going to really enjoy working with Satish who goes above and beyond for his clients.

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Valentina Zerrin Akyol

Sourcing and Research


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