How a Telehealth Service Provider Appointed the Right Healthcare Staff in Time

January 16, 2023
Paying Less
A telehealth service hired 12 Full Time Equivalent Clinicians, thus, paying 25% less than competition.
Qualified Candidates
The management met 40 qualified candidates in just 2 weeks with accurate filters and easy credentialing.
Fair Pricing
During the times of extraordinary demand for healthcare staff, our client was impressed with DirectShifts’ fair pricing and reliable service.
Challenges and Solutions
The telehealth RPM provider approached multiple partners but could not get the desired result. With DirectShifts hiring platform. in no time, they gained the result.

About the Client, A Telehealth RPM Group

A telehealth company which operates Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools reached out to DirectShifts. They service a who’s who of major retailers, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies across North America. One of their clients, a physician group, required quick assistance.

The Challenges Faced

The telehealth RPM provider had infrastructure for new clients in place, but they were short of manpower. They had a shortage of clinicians at the Florida Headquarters to monitor additional devices, and a deadline to onboard those clinicians. The telehealth RPM company could only accept high quality practitioners with specialities. They were looking for bilingual Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Medical Assistants with active licenses in multiple states. Candidates also had to have RPM proficiency or call center experience. A lot of qualified healthcare workers existed, but the telehealth RPM group had no career fairs to turn to during the COVID-19 pandemic. A nationwide uncertainty during this time made it difficult to find and attract available candidates.

Due to high demand, there was an urgent need for a partner which could take care of this situation. They had to make the right call fast, hiring a number of qualified workers they could count on. The telehealth RPM provider approached multiple partners but could not get the desired result. That is when they consulted DirectShifts and tried our hiring platform. Therefore, in no time, they gained the result.

Solution Provided

Within days of joining DirectShifts, the telehealth RPM group connected with dozens of midlevel. They eventually chose 4 clinicians from over 40 qualified candidates within their 2-week deadline. Their first hire started within 6 days and they had 220 applications in total.

The RPM team searched by license information - their recruiters didn’t have to check manually which states their thousands of potential hires were licensed in. Clinician license information was already queued up and filterable on the DirectShifts platform.

Correctly-licensed candidates were sorted for the RPM group as well. Potential applicants were automatically tagged with a match percentage from 1% to 100%. Each match was based on how well each clinician’s pre-filled preferences - like job type and open days - fit the RPM provider’s needs.

The company met more candidates than they would have elsewhere, and still got full-service help from the DirectShifts team.

The telehealth employer’s total cost to hire clinicians was below market rate. DirectShifts successfully prepared their temporary to permanent candidates to accept the group’s rates by pitching the benefits of remote work and their employer. The company’s contingency fee and base candidate salary to hire from the DirectShifts platform was significantly cheaper than what they were quoted from any other partner.The telemedicine company met more candidates than they would have elsewhere, and still got full-service help from the DirectShifts team.


DirectShifts platform, helped the client to select and onboard 4 Full Time Equivalent Clinicians at a low cost in record time.

25% Lower Cost   |  $60,000 Saved Per Year

Overall, their workforce costs from using DirectShifts were 25% lower than other platforms or agencies. Using DirectShifts saved them approximately $60,000 per year. The telehealth RPM group hired 4 applicants in just 2 weeks, and secured an ongoing contract with their new client. “We’ll use DirectShifts from now on,” says their head of recruiting.

Get started with DirectShifts today. Meet the best AI matched candidates from our pool of 600,000+ pre-credentialed, verified, ready to work clinicians for your open roles. Track and communicate with all your applications directly on DirectShifts platform. Use features like ATS, Timesheets, automated billings to manage the shifts of the clinicians who are working for you. All of this at a lower price than traditional job boards or legacy staffing agencies!

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