How a Telehealth Service Provider Appointed the Right Healthcare Staff in Time

September 4, 2023
Paying Less
A telehealth service hired 12 Full Time Equivalent Clinicians, thus, paying 25% less than competition.
Qualified Candidates
The management met 40 qualified candidates in just 2 weeks with accurate filters and easy credentialing.
Fair Pricing
During the times of extraordinary demand for healthcare staff, our client was impressed with DirectShifts’ fair pricing and reliable service.
Challenges and Solutions
The telehealth RPM provider approached multiple partners but could not get the desired result. With DirectShifts hiring platform. in no time, they gained the result.

A telehealth company which operates Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools reached out to DirectShifts. They were looking for bilingual Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Medical Assistants with active licenses in multiple states. Due to high demand, there was an urgent need for a partner which could take care of this situation. Within days of joining DirectShifts, the telehealth RPM group connected with dozens of midlevel. Download the case study for more information.

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